I get it. I took Marketing in grad school. I know how it works to entice you into making a purchase. Discounts, urgency, buy more for less…  and some of it I agree with.

But I never want you to feel duped into making a purchase. Or, if you’d only waited a day, the discount got even better.

So, in the name of transparency, here is my schedule of sales on my PHOTO website, JC-PHOTOART.COM, throughout the year. By all means, feel free to make a purchase when you need or want it! 😉 But if you want to wait for the sale, that’s ok, too.

Keep in mind that subscribers to my newsletter will receive a better discount twice per year, and I’ll announce it in the newsletter. Otherwise, if you simply go to the website, you’ll see what the general public receives. Without further ado…

January, all month: in honor of National Jigsaw Puzzle day, all jigsaw puzzles: 15% off. Code: “Puzzle15”

Valentine’s Day, January 15-25: 15% off “artists choice.”  Code: “Love15”

Mother’s Day, entire store for two weeks, ending approximately two weeks prior to Mother’s Day (date varies by year): April 13-27, 2025.

                  Subscribers: 25% discount with Code “Mom25”

                  Non-subscribers: 20% discount with Code “Mom20”

Father’s Day, May 25-31: 20% off “America the Beautiful” category prints. Code: “Dad20”

Summer sale, July 10-24: 20% off all prints. Code “Summer”

August, all month in honor of back to school: all totes 15% off. Code: “Totes15”

September, all month in honor of National Coffee Day: all mugs 15% off. Code: “Mugs15”

November 1 through Cyber Monday (date varies by year – Dec. 2, 2024), entire store! This is my biggest and best sale of the year for subscribers to my newsletter!

                  Subscribers: 30% discount with Code “Holiday30”

                  Non-subscribers: 20% discount with Code “Holiday20”

December 3-8, 2024: Last Chance Sale! Entire store 15% off. Code: “LastChance”

Please note the difference between “prints,” specific merchandise and “entire store.”