“Lux” and “Safari” Together? Why Not?!

Imagine waking up in the most incredible hotel, one that is comfortable, luxurious, beautifully decorated, with an amazing view and ‘attention to detail’ must be its middle name… only to realize that you are in a safari lodge in the bush, in Zambia, in Africa, along the Zambezi River!

Is that the location that comes to mind? Probably not.

But that’s where this is. And you might have to look on a map to find it. It’s in a stunning location right on the river. This will help:

This is Lolebezi, one of the African Bush Camps lodges. Here, there are 8 units, two of which are 2-bedroom family suites. I stayed in one of these suites with two of my friends, and it was an experience I won’t soon forget. With every amenity imaginable, we were treated like royalty from sunup (lemon/ginger shots delivered to your room at the requested time) to sundown, complete with an escort back to our room for safety’s sake, only to find the bed linens turned down and a hot water bottle warming our covers.

Fine chef-curated meals were served throughout the day – more food than I could possibly handle, with yummy desserts and before and after dinner drinks. In fact, ‘all-day-long’ drinks, if you please.

Can you imagine a plunge pool outside your room overlooking the Zambezi? How about a private spa and treatments? Yoga, anyone? Try a Zambian lunch or 3-course dinner served personally in your suite! Never mind the tid-bits to munch on and vast selection of wines, gin and soft drinks in our rooms, refreshed daily.

Oh, I forgot… this was while we were on safari!

Three of us, all photographers, scored a vehicle with an amazing guide and driver, Patrick. Game drives were twice/day: early mornings and late afternoons. Pretty much anything we wanted to see, Patrick would find for us, and that even included searching out Wild Dogs that were on the edge of the park.

Our final morning was a special surprise: breakfast in the bush! Mind you, that’s not an uncommon event. But this was complete with 2 gas-fired griddles on which we cooked eggs, bacon and sausage (non-pork, as the camp owner is Muslim), tomatoes, beans, toast and jam, had cappuccino and Amarula… amazing!

And I should mention that this is African Bush Camp’s Icon line, the top of the line. I would have to say, though, that I’ve been to four different ABC camps now, and they are all wonderful; the level of luxury may be the defining difference. In fact, they refer to this category as “Expansive, spectacular, beautifully elegant.” I couldn’t have said it better.

Another remarkable aspect of the ABC Camps that I loved is their commitment to supporting the communities that surround their camps, through their Foundation:

“We have projects running in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Botswana that focus on addressing challenges that include unemployment, food scarcity, poor education and healthcare infrastructure, low school attendance and dropouts due to financial constraints, wildlife poaching, and preserving natural resources.”


This fall, I’ll add another ABC camp to my list of experiences and I can hardly wait! Stay tuned!

Pro tip: Personally, while I find a camp at this level of luxury beyond amazing (would I ever turn it down? A resounding NO!!!) your entire safari doesn’t need to be like this, because it certainly adds expense to the trip. So perhaps after staying at other camps that may not have this level of comfort, come here for the last 3-4-5 days before going home. You’ll appreciate it all the more, and it’s a wonderful way to end a safari!

Disclaimer: this is NOT a sponsored post. I simply love this line of camps!

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