Well, hello there

Welcome, I’m Jan!

I love travel, (especially international travel), going on safari, wildlife, Italy, coffee, Aperol Spritzes, photography, coffee, getting on a plane, margaritas, beaches, sunrises, coffee, sunsets, G&Ts, having fun, hanging out with friends and family…

Does any of that resonate with you? If so, you might have a home here!

If you want to get out of your proverbial comfort zone, while still in comfort (yes, that can be done), join me!

Whether you want to jump in with both feet, or dip your toe into the ocean of this amazing world, I hope you’ll find inspiration here!

I have been traveling most my life. As a child, we lived in Singapore for a year. To this day, I marvel at my parents, who in the late 1960s, moved their family to a country they’d never been to before, set up a home, got us all in school and activities (Singapore Swim Club, American Club and Singapore Polo Club!) vacationed throughout SE Asia (Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia) and back home again a year later. It had such a powerful influence on me to this day, and I’m eternally grateful to them for giving me the opportunity. And now, I’m forever in search of a new and interesting country, city or activity to explore.

Hailing from the US, the world is my playground… how about you?

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Jan holding her camera showing a lion attacking an animal

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