5 Fantastic Coffees You Must Try In Vietnam

Hey there, coffee aficionados and caffeine enthusiasts! Get ready to embark on a journey to a land not only of breathtaking landscapes and bustling street markets, but an absolute coffee paradise – Vietnam! Did you know Vietnam is the world’s second largest producer of coffee?

This country offers a unique coffee experience that’s as heavenly as it is unforgettable. So, grab your cup, and let’s explore the aromatic wonders of coffee in Vietnam!” ☕🇻🇳

5 coffees you simply must try!

  • Traditional Black coffee, not for the faint of heart! It sounds like you’re getting American coffee, but be warned! This will get your attention. It’s strong and a bit bitter. It can come with or without sweetened condensed milk. Just ask.
  • Iced coffee. This is what made me fall in love with Vietnamese coffee! This is often served in a tall glass showing the layers of coffee and sweetened condensed milk, with ice. It can be just right, or overly sweet, depending on the café. But so good on a hot day!
  • Salt coffee. This falls in the category of drinks that don’t sound good, but that I should give a try.  What did I expect? Actually, I expected coffee that was salty. Ick. What did I get? A yummy cold concoction that was like coffee with a salted caramel mixed in. Wow, it was good!
  • Egg coffee. Another that fell into the category of ‘things I should try.’  It was described to me as having an egg mixed into coffee. Hmm. I didn’t expect to like it – a raw egg? After waiting a fair amount of time for its preparation, a cup of hot coffee arrived consisting of a small layer of black coffee at the bottom and a sweet frothy thick layer of creamy goodness on top. Stir, sip, and you’ll find your own paradise!
  • Orange coffee. As the name implies, this is coffee with orange flavoring in it. My sister got it and raved about it. I didn’t think all that much of it, but then, I don’t like orange chocolate, either. To each his own.

There are other coffees I’ve read about since returning home: yogurt coffee and coconut coffee, to be precise. However, I didn’t see or try them while there.

In Vietnam, where the coffee culture is brimming with excitement, take a leisurely walk down any street, venture into a café or restaurant, and discover your very own coffee heaven!

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