15 Best Gifts For Photographers

You know those people who are so hard to find a gift for? Well, that doesn’t apply to photographers! There are always things we want! But if you need a gift idea for a photographer, here are some ideas, and I’ll warn you: I’m a Sony girl through and through!

Ok, I’ll start with the creme de la creme: the Sony a1, their flagship camera body. Top of the line professional camera, no doubt the one your favorite person is longing for!

The Sony A7RV, the camera body I have and love! This mirrorless camera is fast and accurate, with a 61 MP full frame sensor.

The Sony a7iii, for the beginning photographer who still wants an excellent camera, this is the Sony mirrorless that I started with and loved. Comes with a lens option or just the body.

The Sony 24-105mm lens, an excellent, sharp and versatile lens at a great price for any of their interchangeable E lens camera bodies. I have and use this often!

The Sony 100-400mm zoom lens, “G Master” quality (top of the line) the one I use on almost every single trip! Great for wildlife, landscape and more, without being overly heavy. Love, love, love this lens!

Because you can never have too many batteries! I usually carry two or more per camera. The NPFZ100 is the battery used for all the cameras shown above.

Joby GorillaPod 3K Kit. Compact, flexible and light weight tripod stand with ballhead for Mirrorless Cameras or Devices up to 6.6lbs. I use it for my cellphone when taking video! (needs cell phone attachment, below). Just under 12″ tall.

Smartphone clamp to go with the GorillaPod shown above. Holds the phone securely and without scratches.

ThinkTank Airport Advantage rolling camera bag. I have this, and use it for my camera gear. It also comes in the XT size, which was more than I needed, but is also great. Perfect size for carry-on, including international flights, and light enough to hoist up into the overhead bin, even when full of gear.

BLACKRAPID Sling / Strap for DSLR, SLR and Mirrorless Cameras, the one I use when hiking, or not wanting to put my gear in a camera bag. Easy to use design: cross body and easy on the shoulders and back.

I get SOOOO many questions about this lanyard! I started using it with my phone in Namibia in a doors-off helicopter, not wanting my phone to fly away! But I’ve also used it riding around Hanoi in a tuktuk and in safari vehicles. Tuck the pad inside the phone cover and attach the lanyard for safety.

Professional camera cleaning kit, because everyone needs this!

This is the tripod I long for: sturdy and lightweight, made with carbon fiber by Peak Design. Also available in aluminum at a lower price point, but slightly heavier.

ThinkTank Memory card case. Holds up to 10 memory cards in this strong and protective case.

Designed for maximum performance with a faster workflow and burst shooting, which lets users capture flawless video, as well as raw photos and continuous shutter bursts. I always use a 128GB card, especially for wildlife photography! (but other sizes available)

These are some of my favorite gift ideas for photographers. But this list is hardly all-inclusive! To see more of my Amazon Store for PHOTOGRAPHERS, or TRAVELERS, click on the link. As always, as an Amazon Associate, if you make a purchase from the list above, I may make a commission.

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15 Best Gifts for photographers

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